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July/August 2016 -

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July/August 2016

The "oddy" story of a GILERA 175 BESSONE CROSS 
Found in a tangle of old bikes and left there for a long time.
I purchased, at the beginning of December 2011, by a well known pilot, the Italian Giuseppe MAIA, a Gilera 175 Bessone Cross, the bike built by the Saluzzese Mario Bessone, and in my dreams since the years in which I was willing to start competition in the cross. I decided then to carry out and collect all the material I could, relating about the story of this bike. MAIA told me that he had purchased the bike from a person named Figazzolo from Mortara (PV), a passionate collector Peidmontese of cross bikes four-stroke, which had before purchased it from Roberto Corino, ex pilot of bike regularity collector I then contacted Corino, who told me that he had accidentally found the bike. Here is his story:
“I was looking for a Ceriani fork of 35 mm. for a Stornello, I began therefore searched to for various mechanical and the first people who began attending to the trade shows, we are talking about twenty years ago, or more.
In my research I meet Teresio Ressia, asking him if he had the “piece” that I was looking for. He told me that maybe he could have somethig I was looking for, and look around the corner of his backyard, there was a large number of old bikes, covered with a nylon tarp.
With my surprise and happiness “when you have the sensation that you have finally found what you were looking for” I saw a Gilera Bessone cross, which was assembled the “Cerianona” I was looking exactly for that!
I asked to Ressia, if he could be willing to sell it but he told me that it could be sold only the complete bike, without going into too details that would perhaps come out what Ressia did not know about that bike...
Honda XL 250 Elliott Special Trial
Patrick elliott master welder in tig technology and great
enthousiast of trials, has ridden at early seventies best
trials bikes of that period (namely ossa, montesa and suzuki)
by pure chance has one day ocassion to compete
In trial on english bike, triumph tiger cub.
Fact is that he has enjoyed this ride on small four stroke
bike than riding more powerfull and fast two strokes that
he has used so far... In that period there was begining
of honda domination in trials, first by sammy miller team
in national events, then with eddy lejeune in world Trials
championship on honda 360 prototypes.
Patrick was fascinated by performance of these moto,
but production Bikes were different and less competitive.
So he decided he can buil one of his own concept.
He started buying production offroad xl 250 (uk registration
number Veo 526t) destroyed its frame, and built
new frame, light and compact...
Here is story of unique bultaco-cz motocross bike and stefano benso rider and Builder of this beautiful bike.
Few months ago i have received invitation for participation in cz day Meeting organised by young keen motocross bikes collector and Rider Leonardo Bernecoli. There were lot of various cz bikes om this Meeting, but one that immediately catched my eye was beautiful bike that was combination of bultaco pursang with cz 400 engine.
So i had nice chat with its current owner keen mx bikes collector as well, Rodolfo Covellaro. We quicly become friends and he has invited me to His home to take photos of bultaco-cz and meet its builder and rider Stefano Benso. I gladly accepted and waited anxsiously for meeting.
As usually i arrived to rodolfo’s house with my son photographer Justyn junior. Now we found place in garden and located Bultaco-CZ. Again i was surprised how beautiful this bike was. Justyn jr started to shoot photos of bike from every angle, while i began discussion with Stefano Benso.
Few words about Stefano. Now in his seventies, stefano was one of the best italian mx riders in sixties and seventies. He has started racing on ducati 175 motocross on which he has achieved considerable success...
At the beginning of the 80’s, Husqvarna was in a quite difficult in front of japanese players: swedish bikes appeared technically old, and in motocross the market situation for Husqvarna was heavier day by day.
In spite of that, Huskies were the maximum evolution of the traditional 70’s dirt-bike concept, and worked definitively well than a lot of competitors.
Huskies had good brakes, smooth engines and frames and fantastic materials, so the final result was at the level of the better japanese and Austrian production, but they appeared really too old to dandies motocross users.
So, Husqvarna found a new market in Enduro, where Husqvarna’s enduro bike were really smooth and easy to use. Italy discovered enduro’s Huskies in 1982, when Gualtiero Brissioni took a great final victory on the 250 c.c. class of the European Enduro Championship...
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