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June 2016

SWM 250 TF1
“Years go on but i never stop to make pleasant meetings and
discover” jewels” remained still in a” garage”.
One day talking with a friend of mine tells me, “I have to let
you known a person, an enthusiast and passioned of
Regularly more or less your own age. He is a fairly reserved
type of person and talks willingly only if the person in front of
him has earned his respect and his confidence, I know him
and I’m sure you that you will not regret to loose your time.
“Intrigued and interested in the subject, knowing well who
had just told me those words, I reply that I always have time
for a chat with an passionated man , I asked my friend to fix
a meeting.
After a few days Alessandro (our common friend) called me
to tell me that the next day would be spent to bring me to this
person, so in the afternoon the next day is to take to reach
the meeting place.
We spent an hour by car, along a part of Lake Maggiore
(how beautiful the Province of Varese),
We sound the bell and presents a person about sixties
wearing an apron named Frediano.
I immediately had the sensation that he had aroused curiosity
regarding me, good start for a pleasant conversation.
We begin to talk about the regularity of the years 70/80 and
I find that he was very knowledgeable, very well for many
things and is also reminiscent aware of particular events
unknown to so many people who follewed the environment.
My curiosity increases and the conversation becomes more
and more pleasant...
PUCH 175 F3
The choice is not “random” as a good driver Roberto found out that to make a difference he had to find something more: nothing better than the bike produced by the experience of Fratelli Frigerio.
It is not an easy bike , but from a certain level up, i you want to excel serving the big race.
There are several improvements that can be detected (as always not those under the skin): the chassis is standard while the engine has been revised in the exhaust system to improve the average and low, the electronic ignition is now to advance variable with the same weight for the carburetor you adapt to the characteristics of the course, however the choice is between Bing - Dell’Orto - Mikuni.
The clutch is modified to make it softer, connecting rod billet, piston Mahle, transmission as standard.
I could define the soft delivery but with panache.
Also on the brakes we tried to improve by mounting “they old ones” with fiber intake now no longer in the market.
The auction of the postponement of the rear hub. now it is full and no more so that the tube exposed threatened to break contact of the asperities. (see Elba 2015). Replacing even the post brake rod. with soft wire. The chassis mounts a Marzocchi 38 pipe, 300 mm. racing magazine in the springs and hydraulic, or 35mm. in paths that best suit you. Holins the post. or Corte Cosso with a variable distances depending on the requirement.
of modern origin commands coded leads in the mesh between the clutch and brake pads on the levers...
This Husqvarna 400 Cross Competition 1971 is the same
bike that allowed Bengt Aberg in 1970 to win the World
Championship Motocross 500 class and was ridden by Steve
McQueen for the film “On Any Sunday” as well as in other
several competitions.
In 1970 and 1971 this bike dominated all the events of road,
motocross competitions on track and in the desert with pilots
Bengt Aberg, Malcon Smith, Arne Kring, Gunnar Lindstrom,
and was considered the most powerful bikes, drivable, and
unbeatable in the races: great engine, brilliant chassis, large
brakes that never broke.
But one of the major components that made this bike the
most desired by all the pilots was undoubtedly also the
aesthetics, timeless and unique: the legendary red steel
tank fire with the beautiful chrome into the recesses for the
knees and the matte black coloring the entire engine is a
great classic of this sacred monster of motocross, and some
important enthusiasts and experts believe to be the most
beautiful of all Husqvarna and even dare to say it is the
most beautiful cross bikes of all time and of all brands. A last
“refinement” comes from the fact that the first issue of the
Italian magazine “Motocross” of 1971 is presented with the
images and the entire test of this motorcycle. This sample
has participated after the restoration to some shows and
beauty contests (only exhibition) and was always very much
The incredible Beppe Andreani’s works KTM 125, 1982
Between the end of the 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s,
factory teams from Japan totally ruled the 125 class of the
World Championship Motocross with their incredible and
ultra-special factory bikes, like the fantastic Suzuki RA 125,
wich was the first 125 King rode by guys like Gaston Rahier,
Akira Watanabe, Harry Everts, Eric Geboers and Michele
Rinaldi. Suzuki won the first ten 125 World Championship
Motocross in the history, from 1975 to 1984.
European production is in a quite difficult situation: there are
few money for the factory teams, and the fight against Asiatic
player is very hard, for factory bikes and for productions to.
For 125, Only KTM, Gilera and the incredible little TGM from
Langhirano (Parma) gave good performances at high level,
but surely not in a suffisant way.
In those years, KTM developed hard his 125 MX bike, 
and so the production machine is a wonderful bike, 
and the factory versions are very good to: in 1979 Mauro
 Miele is the first Italian rider to win a World MX GP (CH), 
and durin the 1981 season, another italian rider, Giuseppe
 Andreani, was in first position on the championship for long
 time, before finishing sixth.
For 1982 austrian technician thought to a something of totally
 new, wich could be not only the works bike to win World
 Championship races, but basically the prototype of the 
production 125 bike for the future.
The KTM 125 MX-Werkesmachine (wich is something like 
“Official Works” in german) built for Beppe Andreani and for
 the 1982 season, is something of different from the other 
factory bikes, and the big differences are from the engine: 
This little block has in fact the possibility of change the 
scavenging system, passing from a rotating valve to a 
reed-valve (on the carter pump) in something like two hours
of work by factory mechanichs...
As there was the boom of the trials bike, there was in Italy also someone who was completely“thrown out of this vein”, without having non or a little experience about motorcycle construction. The fact is that in Tuscany, a group of enthusiasts of trial , according to the experience gained in the races, to face a very important and difficult task: to set up a trial bike, built according to what they thought was missing by the other competitors. Thus was born the Centromoto, based in Stiava Montramito (LU), led by Alessio Bartolini Salimbeni, which addresses a manufacturer of Italian engines, the Franco Morini, staged a trial bike entirely Italian 125cc., Choosing the bike a name that attracted, a small marsupial that lives in bamboo forests named : “the Panda”. The colour of this bike is very particular and different from the other bikes on the market, since the frame is painted in white, as the cover of the saddle while, the mudguards and tank, equipped with a cap “bayonet”, are in fiberglass, with reinforcements kevlar, light blue colour.
This new bike, named Panda 125 TR, shows a nice frame made of a rectangular box-shaped upper beam, to which are welded the two downpipes of double cradle, bearing in its extension a central triangulation which supports the saddle, hosting also the upper mountings of the rear shock absorbers and inside the suction box, protected on the sides by the side pieces complex saddle.
The motion of the swing arm is mounted on Teflon bushings, as the side stand of the stationary race and the shoe sliding of the chain, that adjusts its voltage while a practical aluminum belt guard protects from foreign elements the upper part of the bike. The suspension department, according to the buyer’s choices and considering when available in stock, both Betor, and Marzocchi. Rims are the classic Akront “yellow stamp“, on which are mounted tires Pirelli MT 13 and the hubs are the Grimeca with central drum for standard means and tapered to the means for competition...
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